Day 2

I enjoyed it yesterday so thought I’d write a wee bit again on today’s escapades!

The day started with a bit of a technical glitch as I wasn’t able to “connect” to the remote connection. After consulting with a few of my colleagues, I decided to “daddy-pig” my laptop. Yes, they were confused too. For those of you that have never encountered hours and hours worth of Peppa Pig, I have affectionately coined the phrase “daddy-pig it” whenever faced with a problem I don’t really know how to solve. In essence, it simply means turning whatever appliance it is that’s playing up OFF, then turning it back ON again. I’ve seen Daddy Pig applying this technique in many an episode, whether it be fixing the tv, computer or wifi, and it has an overwhelming rate of success.

Anyway, remote connection now up and running, I began composing a list of people I was due to see this week and making them a priority to phone to let them know I would no longer be able to see them face-to-face. To quote my lovely colleague and fellow CLP Janine, “the Glasgow people are so kind and so resilient” and my phone calls were met with absolute kindness and understanding.

Although not physically able to take someone to an arranged appointment, I will be there to give them support before and after and knowing that has already made a difference to them since originally panicking they’d have to face it alone. There is so much more we can do than be there for people physically. Don’t underestimate the power of a phone call and making your presence felt even when not in the same room as someone.

Workers from The Alliance and from services throughout Glasgow have been sharing information and updates about what’s open and what help is still available to people despite these uncertain times. We will continue to share this information with the people we are working with so no-one feels hopeless or alone.

The Brodie household ventured outwards today, exercising our right to, well, exercise! Don’t worry, we ensured to go into the woods in a very far-away self-isolating location where we didn’t so much as encounter a squirrel never mind a human. My hubby even found a Tarzan swing to have a shot on so he’s really making the most of this working from home stuff. It was good to get out in the great outdoors.

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